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HR Leaders: Now is a Great Time to Dig Into Your HR Metrics

March 25, 2020

Over the past few weeks, many who are telecommuting have seen a few meetings cancelled resulting some extra time on your calendars. You may also have fewer interruptions while working from home. Or, your company's revenue may have suffered a hit over the past few weeks and you'd like to take action to set your team up for success in 2020.

As such, it is a great time to take an objective look at how well your HR programs are performing. Are they effectively supporting the company goals and...

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Keep Culture in Mind When Leading Change

March 4, 2020

To effectively implement change in a company, Change Practitioners must keep culture in mind. The cultural traits of a company will determine the most effective tactics and strategy; performing a cultural assessment is a task that should not be overlooked.

Let’s examine three cultural traits that should be considered when implementing change: Performance Orientation, Assertiveness and Power Distance.

Performance Orientation

How this shows-up: Performance Orientation is the extent to which...

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How Chats With Grandmother Shaped my Career

March 2, 2020

Last month, I stood on stage in the auditorium at Harvard Business School for a quick photo with the women of the Program for Leadership Development (PLD 29). We made up less than a half of a cohort of professionals who had just finished a six-month educational journey together that transformed the way I view business and leadership. I looked around and realized how fortunate I am to have known many great women who have influenced my career and life. As the ceremony began, I thought about a...

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